Neutralise the carbon footprint of your blog !

You just need to write a short post about the initiative “My blog is carbon neutral” and add one of the following badges below. The sidebar would be ideal! Send us a link of your blog to and we will take care of the tree which will compensate your carbon footprint. Currently, we plant trees in Germany and in the US, with two different partners : I plant a tree in Europe and the Arbor day foundation in the US (through the german initiative of kaufDA). More information is provided here.

A quick sum up how to proceed:

  1. Write a quick post about the initiative + add the badge you prefer
  2. E-mail us your link to
  3. We plant a tree for you !

Note: We plant one tree per domain name. Please copy the html-code and paste it in your blog. Make sure the carbon-neutral button works, the html-code must not be changed. Use the carbon-neutral-white button for a white background or the carbon-neutral-transparent button for different colored backgrounds. If you need help, please contact – We are looking forward to planting your tree!

carbon-neutral-white-125×125.jpg (125 x 125 px)

carbon-neutral-transparent-125×125.png (125 x 125 px)

blog-carbon-neutral-blue-white.png (125 x 125 px)

blog-carbon-neutral-blue-transparent.png (125 x 125 px)

carbon-neutral-pink-white.png (125 x 125 px)

carbon-neutral-pink-transparent.png (125 x 125 px)

CO2-neutral-button-80×15.png (80 x 15 px)

co2-neutral-button-8015-21.png (80 x 15 px)

co2-neutral-button-88×31.png (88 x 31 px)

website-carbon-neutral-green-white.png (125 x 125 px)

website-carbon-neutral-green-transparent.png (125 x 125 px)

website-carbon-neutral-blue-white.png (125 x 125 px)

website-carbon-neutral-blue-transparent.png (125 x 125 px)

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Chaque année L'Afrique et l'Amérique du Sud, d'oú provient la majorité de la production de papier, perdent chacune 4 millions d'hectares de forêts.
De plus, 2 mètres cube de bois sont en moyenne abîmés pour 1 m cube de bois réellement exploité.